Radiance Body and Breast Oil

Radiance Body and Breast Oil

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Organic + Vegan.
A breast massage & body oil, slowly solar infused with whole botanicals to nourish and soften the skin, support circulation and lymphatic flow, and gently clear and open the emotional heart for radiance, vitality, sensuality, and beauty. Melts deeply into the skin while subtly imparting the soft, floral scent of Rose de Mai. A daily ritual of tender self care. For all skin types.

Scent: Floral, honey-like, soft, rich, a touch nutty

About the Plants:

Calendula is one of the best plant allies for the skin, very soothing and anti-inflammatory, and helpful for skin regeneration. As a lymphatic, Calendula assists in lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and circulate beneficial cells and nutrients, promoting clearer, brighter skin and supporting increased vitality.

Red Cedar contains anti-inflammatory compounds, helping to clear any skin issues while encouraging improved circulation and helping to melt any lumps. Cedar is incredibly grounding, calming, and protective, helping to clear and move grief and stuck emotions from the heart and being.

Like Calendula, Red Clover Blossom also assists in lymphatic drainage, particularly around the breasts and chest, helping to melt away lumps especially when paired with massage. Red Clover is an ally for the heart chakra, helping to soften and open the heart space, encouraging healing and joy.

Rose is cooling, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory, aiding blemishes while soothing the skin and soul to promote beauty and radiance. Rose softens and opens the heart chakra, awakening our capacity for self love and compassion.

Rose de Mai Absolute is calming and comforting to the mind, helping to soothe stress and boost the mood. Rose has the highest vibrational frequency of all essential oils, helping to expand our awareness and faith while nurturing the soul.

Rich in minerals and vitamins E and B complex, Jojoba Oil is incredibly nourishing, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory, balancing oil production, soothing irritation, helping to add a protective barrier to the skin, and mimicking the skin's own sebum to absorb deeply. Our organic Jojoba Oil is grown and processed on a family farm in Arizona.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, calendula, cedar, red clover, rose, rose absolute, vitamin e oil. 59 ml glass bottle

Please store your oil in a cool, dark, and dry place.

For external use only.

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